我們今天所知道的 Haden 成立於 1958 年,當時 Denis 創建了自己的獨立公司 D.H. Haden Ltd.,專注於製造水壺。

Haden 是最早在水壺上引入顏色和設計的品牌之一,這仍然是我們品牌的主要焦點。憑藉對優質製造的熱情、對細節的關注和對設計的熱愛,該品牌的成就和獨特的賣點一直延續至今。


Haden as we know it today was founded in 1958 after Denis created his own, separate company, D.H. Haden Ltd. to focus his efforts on manufacturing kettles.

Haden was one of the first brands to introduce colour and design on kettles, and this remains the primary focus of our brand. With a passion for quality manufacturing, attention to detail and a love for design, the brand's accomplishments and unique selling points live on to this day.