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Established in 1964, Ariete is located in the hearth of Tuscany, a land famed for creativity and strokes of genius.


From the dynamic vitality and genius of this region, Ariete has taken his enterprising spirit of a dynamic company, always looking for new ideas, strong but very simple for the daily household. Important company in the field of small appliances, Ariete is continuously developing on both the national territory and the international scene. Exports represents about 60% of total sales. In 1995 the company was incorporated by the international group Kenwood Appliances UK and since 2001 has been incorporated by the DeLonghi Group.


Winning thanks to innovative products and great commercial success, as Saladino, Vaporì and legendary Gratì, Ariete has strengthened its position in the market: for example, with 66% market share is currently a leading manufacturer of electric graters.


Innovation and creative "design" are the keys to success. Great resources has been invested in Research & Development, in the manufacturing and technology center and in Research and Design, with the goal to look forward and find new solutions to the changing needs of the consumer.